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Celestial Parrotlet General Info. If there was a reward for the cutest parrot in the pet world, the Celestial Parrotlet would always be a champion. These tiny, pocket-sized parrots are the absolute charmers in aviculture. They are cuddly, goofy and full of energy. It’s not really surprising that these parrots are highly popular pets and the stars of many viral videos. Full of. Breeding. Parrotlets are not always easy to breed, but once they are settled and breeding they will produce a couple of clutches each year and are generally quite good parents. They are sexually mature at around 6 months old, but it is. you can grow them! - 8 your parrotlet must be healthy¡ - 9 the importance of grit - 10 bird droppings - 11 dangers in the household - 12 the magic of feathers - 13 breeding parrotlets - 14 possible breeding problems - 15 eggs - 16 incubation and the parrotlet - 17 how to save opened eggs - 18 storage and handling eggs - 19. They have been recorded to live until 30 years of age. Many of these pocket parrots tend to live until 25 years on average. But to achieve such longevity, a good diet, proper care, and attention is the key. ... It is only about a decade or so that the breeding of Pacific Parrotlets has piqued the interest of the breeders due to increased demand. Pacific parrotlets may breed in any period of the year. Nevertheless, breeding is not encouraged during the winter season and when the weather is extremely hot. They breed in nest boxes or hollow logs bounded with pine shavings or sawdust. A nest box formed for a lovebird or identical small parrot is great; however, put in mind that various. Breeding Age. Raw Parrots breed at age of 2 and a half years age almost. In captivity, they breed sometimes at age of 2years but most probably they breed after 2 years.. Baby Parrotlets Available. Wolverhampton, West Midlands. Worlds smallest Parrots Beautiful colors, 3 to 4 months old plus, whistle, really steady birds, ready to be trained, beautiful feathers. Green £60 each Blue £65 each Yellow £70 each Extra costs for brand new cage Delivery can be arranged for extra costs Open 7. Buy Lutino Alexandrine Parrots for-sale. This blue mutation is much more difficult to establish as it is a recessive mutation. Both parents need to carry the blue gene for it to be able to show in the offspring. We produced 13 green birds before our first blue offspring appeared. You need lots of patience, as George discovered, while you are.